SOUNDCHECK about new Dúné album – “Wild Hearts”

The beginning of February brought us good music. On the 4th Dúné released the third album in their career – “Wild Hearts”.

Even though I know and like their two previous releases I have to say – I’m pleasantly surprised. From the very first sounds of the album opener – “Remember Valentina (It Takes Will)” it becomes apparent that this is going to be great. The chorus sticks in your head, the riffs remind of Muse’s “Hysteria” times. So if it’s this good at the start, what else can these lads show us?

“Wanted Out”! Most likely my favourite on the album. Faultless melody, amazing vocal performance – this is the recipe for an indie anthem, nothing more, nothing less. It must be a concert hit due to all the energy it possesses. The same goes for the first single, “Hell No!”. It’s hard not to join the choir screaming “Hell no! It’s not gonna be this way!”. Especially that they add „ Everybody scream with me!”. Such songs make you want to turn the volume up and push the pedal to the metal. Or at least jump and dance in front of the stage.

This isn’t the end of the party songs. “Renegade” tells us “If you lived without sins you haven’t lived at all – give in to the magic of the moment”. And it’s hard not to be persuaded by that. But let’s continue! “Blck Star” sounds innocent only at the start (again Kolstrup’s vocal skills are admirable). After a moment a siren breaks in, joined by heavy guitars and expressive drums and singing turns to screams – yet another good rock track.  

“All That I Have” is the second single. It’s begins calmly, with a piano, only to go into a fantastic, catchy chorus. Even upon the first listen you just can’t help but sing along.

I must admit – Dúné have an amazing talent for writing memorable melodies and unbelievably catchy choruses sprinkled with some synthesizers and guitar riffs.

It’s just a good old’ piece of rock’n’roll.

But the lads also show a different side to them. There certainly are some wonderful rock ballads on this album. “Last Soldiers” is a great example. A sweet-sounding brake after the heavier songs. “The Sun Over Green Hills” glows with optimism and… Sublimity. An electronic, 8bit base begins “Save Your Fears For Tomorrow”. You can savor the elongated sounds that slowly dissolve into the ether. “The Eyes Of The World” grabs your attention with its simple, but tension-building piano melody.

“Reach For The Stars” – that bass! This composition is marvelously melancholic. And though it’s very calm, it’s also very powerful. “You fall harder when you reach for the stars… You grow stronger when you reach for the stars”. What a fantastic quote to end such a good album.

The piano and bass fade, the music ends. But already it’s hard to keep yourself from giving the disc another spin. Something changed in Dúné’s sound, and it changed for the better. “Wild Hearts” proves it. It’s an album definitely worth recommending. And if we’ll get more music like this in 2013, than it’s going to be a great year in rock.


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