The new contributor at ‘Good Because Danish’ – Jasmin starts a fresh new section on the blog, called “Between the lines…”. Every now and then all kinds of Danish musicians will tell us the meaning or story of one of their songs.
Between the lines

The first to start in this fresh section is Copenhagen-based pop rock trio terminal. Formed of three friends in 2007, they soon decided to go all independent with their music. The hard work they put into their passion paid off when they became the first independent Danish band to have all their music videos broadcasted on the MTV networks in the US.  

What thoughts did they capture in “My Chemical” (which is available to download for free from their SoundCloud)?

“The song is about forcing yourself to hold on to a feeling, that may or may not be genuine, for the sake of recognition and stability – although it may not be what you want in regards to love” – explained Thorsten Bæk, singer of terminal and their master of the words. 

Henrik Engstrøm, the formation’s bass player, added: “When I wrote and arranged the tracks I thought about the confusion and worries you can get from only one aspect of life: love. Basically for me, love is the most fantastic thing in the world, but also the most devastating. Everybody knows and experiences that, but they forget over time…”  

If you like what you hear, there are currently two different ways to support terminal. While the concept crowdfunding is becoming a more and more important mean for independent musicians, terminal is trying to run the same way to finance their upcoming album here: 

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