Moth - Moth EP

A band with the debut EP, that I keep on coming back to like a moth to the bulb. Moth. A dose of dark, pircing through trip hop. Depression, jagged sounds that boil with emotions in the songs like a hot water in the pot on fire. Tracks, in which Danes sound like they were trying to run away from anger and sorrow, but as the title Moth – they are keep coming back to their toxic musical world. The “Moth” EP moves all the strings of the body and the soul. You can listen to it and download it for free from Moth’s BandCamp page.

Seven songs, including the cover of Bob Dylan track. Seven compositions that pinned me to the speakers. I couldn’t stop listening to “Moth” EP, even though I wanted to run far away from them at the same time.

Deathly-like“Bittersweet” invite the listener from the very beginning to the world of twisted night visions. From the first moment of listening to “Moth” the association to British group Archive comes and goes. But Moth isn’t exactly the same.

The strongest part (in my opinion) of the EP – “Totalitarian” catch you in the steel grip with rawness and in some measure – brutality of sounds and vocals. Strong guitar riffs hit in the cover of Bob Dylan song “Forgetful Heart”, pulsatory “CrackMother” doesn’t let you loose the feeling of being completely lost and helpless, while listening to Moth music. All these disturbig emotions are quiet down a bit in the closing song – “Round Midnight”.

Agog, a bit shaken, a bit disturbed – we finish listening to Moth and… now I’ll write about myself in plural – we start listening to Moth again. Their music is like horror movies. We watch them with closed eyes, sometimes we dream to turn them off, but – we keep on going to see another one, because apparently some of us simply like to feel fear. Moth prove with their EP that same feelings can be attached not only to the movies, but also to the music.


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