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Scandinavian electronic music is very specific and not always means songs that will be a dancefloors hits and party bangers. Often it is an electronic “to listen to”, not necessarilly “to dance to” ( I think so). Danes feel that kind of music, dj’s and producers that mix Danish artists feel that too. Top 3 of the Good, because Danish electronic fascinations from the last couple of weeks below. Maybe you’re going to listen to it and like as much as I did…


Choir Of Young Believers – Sedated (Mikael Simpson remix)

A song by Danish band Choir Of Young Believers from their mindblowing album “Rhine Gold” in as well mindblowing remix by Mikael Simpson. Pulse, vibration, highlighted pure vocals… and a pinch of rawness. 100% Scandinavian cold breath in the morning.


CHLLNGR – Datter

Industrial sounds, but the vocal is almost like from the r’n’b’ albums. Surprisingly good combination. Pircing music, you can feel the shivers going through your spine, while listening to it. Almost like you entered a cold dark cathedral right from the super hot day…


Trentemøller – Miss You  (NEUS remix)

Amazing Trentemøller this time in the dubstep version. French dj and producer NEUS made “Miss You” sounds even more deep and sharply. Seems like he didn’t change much, seems like he didn’t add almost nothing… but “almost” makes a huge difference. 

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