SPOT Festival 2012 – DAY 2

SPOT Festival 2012 - DAY 1

I was moving the writing and translation of this post for later. Because the moment it will be finished would be the moment when Spot Festival 2012 ends for me for real. So… it’s now. The second day in Aarhus, Saturday, was wonderful. First, lovely shows during Spot DAYPARTY (you can read about them HERE), than… musical heaven. Seriously. Heaven.

I learnt the lesson of DAY 1, so I picked up these shows that I really wanted to see and was standing in lines way before they started. I managed to see a couple of gigs. Good shows, very good shows, sensational shows.

In Memoirs
First I went on a trip through the indie-fairytale land of Morten Filipsen music. This Dane plays under the name In Memoirs. He started his performance from “This Is The Sound” – delicate, dreamy composition that introduced his music to the audience perfectly. Quite big venue Blackbox became kind of smaller, more cozy… And I guess that how it was ’til the end of In Memoirs show.

Morten Filipsen charmed with his voice. Despite the fact that he was singing, it sounded like he was whispering. I haven’t heard the last guitar chord, because I had to run to Atlas for the next concert…

Boho Dancer
The trio Boho Dancer is the second (after Schultz and Forever) biggest discovery of Spot Festival 2012. The mix of acoustic music and folk on their EP “Furry Skin” is intriguing. On the stage Boho Dancer released the whole potential of their mini-album. The vocalist Ida Wenøe was “leading” the band with amazing charisma through the whole concert. You can eaither fell in love with her vocal or hate it. I did the first thing, from the very beginning.

Despite the fact the the stage at Atlas was quite big and there were only three people on it, Boho Dancer filled every corner with their music. And they got one of the biggest applause I was able to experience at Spot Festival 2012. 

NAKED – a singer and a piano
From Atlas I went to the Musikhuset, where in the Lille Sal the second day in a row NAKED project concet was taking place. Four Danish vocalists: Ane Trolle, Silas Bjerregaard (Turboweekend), Clara Sofie and Johan Olsen (Magtens Korridorer) and a Swedish pianist: Gustaf Ljunggren.

A part of “Trouble Is” – Silas Bjerregaard (Turboweekend) – WIĘCEJ

Each from the artists present four compositions during the NAKED show. But they were re-arranged to only the piano.

The show started from the performance by Ane Trolle, after her Silas Bjerregaard from Turboweekend came on stage… and you can read more about the NAKED project concert HERE, because I simply had t o write a bit more about it :) 

After moving time in the Lille Sal of Musikhuset I came back to Atlas once again. To see the concert of a young Dane that got my completly with his debut album “Sunken Ships”. Asbjørn played dynamic concert, so full of life! He was unbelievable on stage! It was impossible to stand still during his performance. “Bones Bad Bones” and “Strange Ears” created the bitter-sweet party atmosphere that was hard to forget after the show.

But the real culmination was brilliant live version of “The Criminal”, with super-powerful discoteque instrumental intro. This young Dane really HAS TO come to Poland and play here! He HAS TO!

The same thing about RANGLEKLODS – we simply HAVE TO bring him to Poland! His debut album “Beekeeper” is a wind of freshness that I was waiting for in Danish (but not only) electronic. And how is it live? Live it is a lot more than a man with a laptop. Live there are two musicians – the brain of the project – Esben and a lovely bassist and backing vocalist. Together they gave energetic, wild and piercing through senses concert. The computer was staning far away, Rangleklods was using twisted equipment that was laying on the table and he was moving a lot. The show started from “Clouds”, and than it was just better and better… and better.

Played live – the music had even more power than on the album and it took over control on the audience. So much that one of the fans got to the stage and than jumped into the audience. And that fan was a big size guy. But he managed. And Rangleklods managed as well. He was way more than good.


Spot Festival 2012 closing concert started at 1:40. Danish-Islandic project Kúra appeared on the Katapult stage. The group, that was recently playing in Poland, gave a show with a capital “S”. Three musicians and the drummer re-arranged the songs from the debut album  “Halfway to the Moon” and gave them more expressive, strong character. “Anchor” and “Joe” sounded perfect!

The last song of the show (and of the Spot Festival 2012) was “Follow Your Heart”. My favorite from the album and the one that has the biggest live potential. The cristalic voice of Fanney unlocked tones of emotions and it all sounded so vivid and moving at the same time. This debut album is a great one on the CD as well as live (some people from the audience got the record from Kúra). And when the last sounds of “Follow Your Heart” came to the end I had tears in my eyes. Because it was the end of Spot Festival 2012.

Not all concerts were great. Some of them were very dissapointing and they aren’t worth mentioning. The lines and full venues made things a bit difficult for me and I missed a lot. There were some special gems and moving moments, some totally wild shows. What’s left? The great, super-cool feeling inside that Danish music really has the potential. It should be known everywhere. If I’ll be lucky enough, I hope to come back to Aarhus to experience more of it in 2013.

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