Lydmor – “A lot of Love”
no. 6 from the debut album “A Pile of Empty Tapes”


Something good will see the light of day on the 7th of May. That’s when LYDMOR’s debut album “A Pile of Empty Tapes” is coming out. Lydmor decided to share songs from it with her fans earlier. From five days she does it through various music blogs. Every day one of Lydmor’s songs appears on a different webside. Today no. 6 – “A lot of Love” – has its premiere on a blog “Good, because Danish”.

Lydmor (Jenny Rossander) is an artist who got to know a magic secret of how to arouse admiration with each sound she makes. Big words for the beginning of this post. But very true words as well. Because her every song gives me chills and makes me wanna fly – that means something’s going on in here. Something good. The composition no. 6 from Lydmor debut album, the song “A lot of Love” confirms that this Dane is going in a wonderful musical direction.

Lydmor about “A lot of Love”:

“I wrote a lot of love on my first night alone in a professional studio. I felt like a child in a candyshop, and after recording, producing and twisting buttons for hours and hours I fell asleep in the early morning with the early sketch to “a lot of love” still running on the screen. The song is about giving love to people who needs it, and living life to it’s fullest

“A lot of Love”
is sometimes similar to the atmosphere of Florence and the Machine music. There are moments when it sounds a little bit like Bat For Lashes. But through the whole time the song keeps it’s own separateness, uniqueness. Strings which simply dissolve in the air. Easiness that the clapping in the background brings. And a tune of melancholy, always present in Lydmor‘s vocals. The pleasure of listening to “A lot of Love” is huuuuuuuuge.

Good, because Danish has
a lot of positive emotions and a lot of love for this Lydmor song since the first listening. It has the whole range of delicate tastes, fragile musical wonders, that brought all together give a touching integrity. Specifically energetic.

If you liked “A Lof Of Love”, give a listen to the other released songs from LYDMOR‘s debut album“A Pile of Empty Tapes”:

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