Line-up of this year’s SPOT. Festival is a great excuse to take a listen to the Danish musicians that were mentioned on Good, because Danish, but very briefly. Today three bands from “indie-…” – fill out with what you feel fits here – music scene.

Today’s trio of bands from Denmark will take us on a journey through the electronic, acoustic, melancholic indie-sounds.



In German “altmodisch” means “oldfashioned”. The name can be a little confusing when you listen to the music made my five Copenhagen-based musicians. “Indietronica” – says their SoundCloud profile. And this is much more suitable description of Altmodisch music. The vocalist sounds a bit like he was a street singer from the old times, with the hurdy-gurdy (“The Night I Can’t Recall”). But crooked electronic tunes brings us back to the reality of 21’st century (“Drown In A Sea”).

The music that brings sadness and stopping – Altmodisch.

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In February 2012 they released a debut EP “Furry Skin”. Befroe that they supported Sort Sol, played at SPOT. Festival 2011, festivals Skandenborg and NothSide, as well as in Copenhagen Tivoli. They played live A LOT. Because such a great music has to be shown to the people! Boho Dancer attract – to a chair, a bench, or to the pavement – if you’re listening them during walking through the street.

We continue the music association to the old times. You can take Boho Dancer (in your ears) for a walk, if you want to taste the spirit of a green Irleand in the Middle Ages (“Me & Your God”). Or if you want to hear the thunderous, natural music. Or… if you need the power and grace (“Pistols”) that comes from the sounds – Boho Dancer.

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Singer-songwriter style at it’s best – Green Pitch. From the trylogy of EP’s: “Asleep”, “Awake” i “Alert” they created a debut album. Wonderful album. Soft banjo, classic piano and violin sounds. And two sweet voices.

Female-male conversation. Green Pitch is a musical rose. Delicate (“Mourning Dove”), fragile (“Heavy Wings”),it smells like a fairy-tale. Sometimes you can cut yourself with a thorn (“No Reason Required This Love Has Expired”), but that’s the charm of this musical flower.

Beyond – an EP “Awake” (two other: “Asleep” and “Alert” – on the Green Pitch SoundCloud)

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