SPOT. Festival 2012 – KIRSTEN & MARIE

Good, because Danish is going to Aarhus in May (4-5) to participate in a super cool event: SPOT. Festival. You can read more about it at Nordic Spotlight. The line-up is very rich. We started to introduce the artists that will come to Aarhus in May. But nobody said we have to do it alphabetically ;)

Today some delicate female sounds – KIRSTEN & MARIE.

Kirsten & Marie are two sisters. There are rumors that they were noticed in front of a venue where On No Ono was playing a concert. No matter how they were discovered. It’s important that it happened.

Charming music, that this duo present is like a sweet sweet cake. And the lovely voices of Kirsten & Marie are like the icing on that cake. Music honey, honey and once again… retro style.

Kirsten & Marie released an EP in 2011. You can listen to the wonderful “My Dear” from it beyond. This song is perfect for making bubbles on a sunny summer morning. Another magical piece from the Danish sisters is “Na Na NaNa NaNa NaNa”a preview of their debut album “Newspeak”. The premiere is announced for 23.04.2012.

Kirsten & Marie create very girlish songs, full of charm. Their compositions sometimes remind me another Danish band – Treefight For Sunlight.

A lot of grace, freedom, hippie atmosphere, sounds of happy childhood. Kirsten & Marie.

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