Wake Me For Coffee

Electronic sounds – checked. More stirring music – checked. Stimulating atmosphere – checked. Subtle tunes – checked. A little bit of calm playing – added. This is (more or less) the music mix proposed by a man who’s hiding under the nickname WAKE ME FOR COFFEE. „Good, because it’s Danish” adores coffee. „GbD” also liked the music coffee served by Wake Me For Coffee.

Wake Me For Coffee is a musical prodigy’s attempts to summarize all his style confused ideas. (…) The mastermind behind Wake Me For Coffee, Thorbjørn Nyander Poulsen (…).” (source)

Wake Me For Coffee’ music doesn’t show off. It’s perfect for the beginning of a day. To feel good in the morning. There’re some connotations with happy indie-music, but sometimes the music is like the lighter, more delicate vesrion of Dan Black. Music coffeine is coming to us with sounds.

Wake Me For Coffee – Drinking From A Pond –>My favorite song. Really catchy. And those delicate electornic midtones…
Wake Me For Coffee – Cellphone Free Zone –> a dose of peace
Wake Me For Coffee – Dogville –> bass and twisted sounds!
Wake Me For Coffee – Doing Great No Matter How We Do –> perfect for a lazy dance

Wake Me For Coffee recorded a debut material called “The Mulder Ties”.

“The title, The Mulder Ties, is inspired by Fox Mulder’s colorful and diverse looking neck ties. Thus the album is linked to Mulder’s unstoppable course towards unexplainable phenomena on the verge of the rational, the arbitrary and the supernatural. All eleven songs are individual atypical pop art collages. The musical style is explorative as a curious child (…).” (źródło)

The material from „The Mulder Ties” waits to go to a vinyl CD’s. The musician is in a process of raising money for 300 copies. He’s doing it via Kickstarter webside.

Under this link you’ll find the idea of the whole project and a link to Wake Me For Coffee SoundCloud profile (where you can listen to the whole album). If you want to help the musician you can transfer him some money (from 1 dollar minimum). And as a reward you can get…. oh, I won’t spoil the surprises Wake Me For Coffee prepared for his donors. But they’re really sweet! :)

Wake Me For Coffee’s music is gentle and nice – like a cup of coffee in the morning. On one hand there’s some kind of indescribable routine in drinking morning coffee. But on the other hand, without it the day would be… well… wasted.

Official webside
Kickstarter – help Wake Me For Coffee release his album! 

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