(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

They play „future rock”. Amazing, innovatory, psychedelic music combined with classic rock sounds. Plus a solid dose of… well, „Danishness” (something which cannot be described).

Supposedly there’s no rush in their music. But on the other hand they can play a song which stops the heartbeating.  Unearthly trio – THULEBASEN. Increadible music that shows its true beauty very slowly but very effective.

Thulebasen is three musicians: Nis Bysted, Felia Gram-Hanssen (she plays drums) and Niels Kristian Eriksen. Their debut album „Gate 5” was released February 7th of 2011. During this summer, 1st of July, they played at Roskilde Festival. Check out full Thulebasen’s biography here. Their debut – „Gate 5” it’s an album with music you haven’t heard before! And it’s because:

“Thulebasen does not write their songs in the studio or in the practice room. They write their music on stage. The first time Thulebasen played together was actually live at a concert. Nis, Felia and Niels communicate via intuitiveness; in a way they are the first band in the world writing music using a telephatic method” TAMBOURUNOCEROS (source)

Have you ever been in a situation when during listening to an album you had absolutely no idea what was going on and what was it all about but it was so tempting that you couldn’t press the „stop” button? That’s how I felt and how I still feel each time I listen to „Gate 5” and press „play”.

Thulebasen - Gate 5

The opening number  “Gate 5” shows Thulebasen’s innovation from the first sound. First riffs reminds me grunge music a bit. But when this weird distorted vocal starts to sing – nothing seems to be so easy any more.

“Raga Gemini”also surprise. Thulebasen discover their more classic rock face in this one. However, even one sound isn’t trite here. Vibrant vocals, „jamming” drums… innovation, innovation, innovation – in every tune.

Felaia” is beautiful, but in a very strange way. Sleepy, undefined sounds bring a little bit of peace. The video clip to the song is also pretty strange and unique.

More calm and sleepy atmosphere can be also heard in “Kylling”. While “Monster” creates more disquieting atmosphere. Vibrating and insecurity are both very poignant in this song.

Vanquard sounds mixed with catchy rhythms. Chaos interweaving with preciselyarrangedsounds. Magic and psychedelia. Experimental approach and a dose of classic rock. Trudly unique mix. In one word – THULEBASEN.If you fell in love with Thulebasen (as I did), you can buy their album „Gate 5” from the web-shop of their release label TAMBOURHINOCEROS.

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