The Seven Mile Journey
(translation by Agnieszka Bolek)

“Post- rock band from Denmark, which works with instrumental music since 1999. The 
members are: Nicolai, Jakob, Morten and Henrik. The basis of their music are dynamic changes. Deep, long and intense sound surfaces completely absorb the listener.” – this is what description of The Seven Mile Journey on their profile says.I emphasize words “completely” and “absorb” in the last sentence. And actually there is no need to write more.

After listening to six tracks from their newest album entitled “Notes For The Synthesis” (Premiere – 12/03/2011) I was reminded of the strength and unique atmosphere of this music, which is post-rock.The Seven Mile Journey‘s ‘Danish’ version of the genre can be overwhelming, although it’s rather minimalist and concise. With such tracks as “The Engram Dichotomy” it drills into the brain, but systematically and with precision, rather than painfully with one stab. If you devote enough time to it, it reveals its depth as in “Simplicity Has A Paradox” composition.And finally it makes that – when 20 minute track “The Alter Ego Autopsies” reaches its end, there is still unsatisfied hunger, which forces to relisten to it from the very beginning.The Seven Mile Journey has released demo and three albums so far: “The Seven Mile Journey” (demo – 2001), “The Journey Studies” (2005), “The Metamorphosis Project” (2008) and “Notes for the Synthesis” (2011).

An interesting and competent review (in Polish) of quartet’s recent piece of work is available HERE.

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