The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour 1

This band was one of those Danish groups that visited Poland this summer. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour played at 10th edition of Heineken Open’er Festival in Gdynia. Some cool summer sounds. Check them out, you won’t regret it :)

The duo The Asteroids Galaxy Tour contais of the vocalist Mette Lindberg and a producer Lars Iversen (on stage they play with addicional musicians – it’s 6 people group).

Alternative pop sound, a bit psychedelic vocal and the whole image of charismatic Mette Lingberg – this band is simply a good dose of positive music. A bit twisted, mixing up the old and the new, music that smiles to the listener with evert tune.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour debut in 2008 with a single “The Sun Ain’t Shining No More”.

But they gained popularity thanks to “Around The Bend” (which was used in an iPod Apple commercial) and “The Golden Age” (from The Entrance” – Heineken’ commercial)

First song I mentioned is from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’ debut album „Fruit” (2009), second – from their newest EP called „The Golden Age (2011). To have a full dicography we need to add two more EP’s: „The Sun Ain’t Shining No More” and „Around The Bend”.






The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’ music is a solid dose of pop. But not a mainstream one. It’s not trivial nor simple. Quite the contrary. The group created their own style (which you can hear right from the first track from “Fruit” – the song called “Lady Jesus”). Saxophones, trumpet, weird electronic insertions and lovely keys accompany us in many songs, for example in curved “Push The Envelope” or a slightly lazy “Bad Fever”.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Golden Age






Charismatic vocalist Mette Lindberg is at the forefront of the band. She has very interesting voice. It’s soft and girlish on one hand, but scabrous and rough on the other. Her vocal skills are well exposed on slower compositions like
“Hero” or “Crazy” (my personal favorite The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’ song).The band is very interesting thing to see live. A bit surreal atmosphere is easy to feel even when we watch The Asteroids Galaxy Tour gig on a movie like this one („The Golden Age” live).

The newest EP „The Golden Age” is a little bit more electronic and… braided than The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’ earlier stuff. Beside the titled song, “One Giant Freak For Mankind” deserves attention. The whole 5-tracks EP is available to listen to on band’s SoundCloud profile.Lucky ones who went to Heineken Open’er Festival in Gdynia, Poland could see The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’ gig. The band got very good reviews after that show and Mette was called „the queen of hipsters”.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is a cool band with cool music, with cool message. It’s nice to taste their music fruits.

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