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(translation by Agnieszka Bolek)
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If you read the post about Efterklang on “Good, because Danish” blog, you know what I mean when I say that I am not able to describe a band in a sensible, clear, orderly way, because I love their music too much and emotions prevail (by the way – the hero of this post supported Efterklang).

So today I give voice to others, and allow you to form your own opinion about this project, which is so unusual and unique, which balances between reality and dream so phenomenally that, that… ohh… and ehh…

You’ve got an incredible musical journey with Sleep Party People ahead of you – Follow the white rabbit…

“The band is from Denmark and is very enigmatic. The leader of the group is Biran Batz, but the rest 4 members’ names remain shrouded in mystery. Artists themselves  are liable for that state of affairs, because they perform incognito – in rabbit disguises, with black outfits and white masks on. However they are not cute, fluffy creatures, they rather remind the rabbit from “Donnie Darko” movie. 
Sleep Party People and Donnie Darko have something more in common than the rabbits. The atmosphere, which they conjure up with their music is very similar to the one from Richard Kelly’s movie. While listening to this music the boundaries between blissful dream, neurotic nightmare and grey reality are blurred.(Kamil Hyckowski, – here you can read more)

They released one album – “Sleep Party People” (2010). This year it was remixed by most respectable Danish DJs. You can check out the effects on Brian Batz’s SoundCloud profile. ‘Dip’ your ears especially in “10 Feet Up”, remixed by Mikael Simpson.

And from the Copenhagen X-Sessions’ website you can download few songs of Sleep Party People for free. They were recorded during their live performance for X-sessions.

The album “Sleep Party People” introduces us to the elusive, inconceivable world which is beyond rational mind. Musical reality (“10 Feet Up”) or surrealism of Sleep Party People (“The Dwarf And The Horse”) is so unique and ‘different’, that it stays uncertain – you can make yourself cosy and get comfortably lost in sound (like in magical, arch-beautiful “A Sweet Song About Love”), or rather insecurely sit in the corner being afraid to disturb.

Everything sounds otherworldly (“I’m Not Human At All”). I guess most suitable description of Sleep Party Music gives the title of the song “A Dark God Heart” (B-side) .

The sound is a mix of Dreampop, chillwave, old school new wave, twisted and altered vocals and something new I can’t quite place that gives them a unique sound I could identify in a crowded room easily.” (source – Filds Ov Gravity)

If you want to take a tour along the borderline of of consciousness, to the world of schism between reality and illusion – the music of Sleep Party People can be your guide.

Sleep Party People takes part in Copenhagen Collaboration – a very interesting project of Copenhagen-based musicians. I encourage to get familiar with this idea –> Copenhagen Collaboration.

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