Le Fiasko
(translation by Agnieszka Bolek)

Do you know what it feels like to fall in love with a song at first listen? This happened to me many times, but I guess never before with such a great power as it was with “Kabul”. It’s probably one of the saddest, most beautiful songs I have ever heard. And it was created by Le Fiasko band. I could finish post about Le Fiasko at this point, because it is very difficult to find any information about this band, which doesn’t give concerts anymore. 8-piece band consisting of: Andreas Pallisgaard, Caecilia Trier, Victor Jupin, Jaleh Negari, Jeppe Brix Sørensen, Claus Højensgård and Jakob Falgren, has released one album, entitled simply – “Le Fiasko”. Although it is no longer possible to attend their live show, it is worth to get familiar with their songs, available for example on their MySpace profile.

Beautiful, poetic, fairytalish sounds. Each song introduces a unique atmosphere, thanks to which Le Fiasko takes the listener into another dimension, to their own – very diverse – world.   During listening to the track “Mexican Bay” you can almost feel the sea breeze and find yourself on a beach somewhere in intimate bay.

“Lydia” teases an ear a bit, shows that music doesn’t have to be always easy and pleasant to perception to make you fascinated.

Kabul”, which was mentioned in the introduction, is depressive up to the limits– but not exceeding them – and this is where its beauty lies, in my opinion.

Verse: “Copenhagen is so pathetic You stay in bed with a headache” sung by Cæcilie Trier is extremely moving.

Whilst “Barefootlobsterchampagneparty” has a very funeral atmosphere, it is mind-disturbing, it can even slightly frighten. Music of Le Fiasko triggers various emotions, but in each case they are strong and uncompromising. You can either love or hate this band. There are no in-betweens. Danish critics’ reviews, such as: “Totally uncompromising album” (Frekvens), or “One of the best Danish albums” (Politiken) are very valid, in my opinion. But where does this post title come from?

Well, to understand it you must know that musicians of Le Fiasko are involved in couple of other music projects. Four members formed the new band with an intriguing name Pinkunoizu. Musicians from Le Fiasko play also in Chimes & Bells:  Jepe Brix and Cæcilie Trier (who is also involved in Choir Of Young Believers, and Jong Pang) I’ll write more about these two ensembles some other time, perhaps…

MySpace pages of bands appearing in this post:
Le Fiasko
Pinkunoizu (I also recommend their official webside)
Choir Of Young Believers
Jong Pang – it remind me Arcade Fire a bit. I think it the most interesting project right after Le Fiasko.

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