Kiss Kiss Kiss
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

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Today a group of young, talented Danish guys will take us on a trip to the land of sunny, bright sounds. Spring sounds. Danish spring. Nice guitars, extremely grown up vocal plus whiff of fascination of a bit more dancing music. Open up on a Spring experience and let Kiss Kiss Kiss kiss you to death with their music!It’s something for Friendly Fires or Two Door Cinema Club fans. And also something for those who liked Ginger Ninja.

Kiss Kiss Kiss – Mads Koch, Mads Kristian Frøslev, Kristoffer Hvidberg, William Asingh and Nick Labajewska – are from Aahrus in Denmark and they started the band in 2007. That’s how a Dane Søren Mouridsen describes Kiss Kiss Kiss on his blog:

Every now and then you come along a young band consisting of kids so cool, that you wish you were 18 again and in that band. Kiss Kiss Kiss is one of those bands. The danish youngsters have got this cool sense of “us against the world”-attitude, and their debut single “Broken Hearts” is one of the best and most catchy rock-tunes I’ve heard in 2009. Love it.” (source)
Nothing more, nothing less. Honest music played with passion and with the spirit of youth. Brilliant!

However, in my opinion “Broken Hearts” isn’t the best song from Kiss Kiss Kiss debut album. There are 12 really cool songs on „Release The Birds”.

Kiss Kiss Kiss - Release The Birds

“Scarlet” is a sensational opening! Simple, but charming sounds. This is (in my opinion) the biggest advantage of Kiss Kiss Kiss music. There’s no forced bombast in it. There’s no unnecessary complications. Yet, we can find freshness, newness and joy. And the farther the better.

Do you remember a song called „Funky Goes To Hollywood”? When I listen to “The Visions That We Share” I think that Funky went to Denmark and joined the rock-and-roll music. And they created a very positive couple.

Indie-music without forcing to be inde-hipsters who has to do everything different than others? Is it possible? I think it is. You can hear it in “Recorded Smiles”. This vibrating bass in the background. Beautiful.

The bass guitar is the power behind the throne in „Recorded Smiles”, while in “Mirrors” drums and synths take over the lead. Delicate, without imposing, with a taste. „Mirrors”, same as other songs, has a specific tauch of adulthood because of the vocals. Slightly hoarse, but on the other hand very soft and nice.

That’s how the whole „Release The Birds” album sounds to me. It’s natural, without exaggeration. It’s full of positive energy and you can hear the youth buzzing in it. My biggest love (besides “Scarlet”) from the album is a bit more pugnacious, releaseing the true power of the vocal – “Hector”. There’s something in the verse „so you can call me Hector”!

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