The Floor Is Made Of Lava
(translation by Ania Kitowska)

Something to warm you up – THE FLOOR IS MADE OF LAVA. A piece of good rock music!

The Floor Is Made Of Lava 1

The band consists of Tobias Kippendberger, Simon Visti, Lars Rock and Asbjorn Norgaard was established in 2006.

So far, they’ve released two LP’s:”All Juice No Fruit” (2007) and “Howl In The Moon” (2010).

They play… well, what do they play? On one hand it is just classic rock. On the other hand, however, there is something very specific to this band. I think this is the vocal and the dialogue between the guitar and the drums. Music flows smoothly but every sound is somehow feisty. And, of course, the voice of Tobias Kippenberger is undescribable! He makes me think of Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.

Their first LP was a hit streak on Danish toplists. They also received praise from the journalists. Tracks like “Do Your Sister” or „Told Her I’m from Compton” – these make a solid portion of guitars.

The second LP is, in my opinion, even better than the first one. It’s finished, one can really tell they’ve worked it through. The tracks are very energetic, they may really give you a hype. The best example may be their newest single „All Outta Love”, or „Harder Than You Think”. Having said that, I have to admit that there are also songs which require more focus („Ain’t Half Bad or „Sailors, Cowboys & Indians”), especially when it comes to lyrics. All in all, the guitars are the most significant.When it rains outside and it’s freezing cold there is nothing better than a portion of guitar, bass and drums – everything served interestingly and accompanied with great lyrics.

Keep yourself warm with The Floor Is Made of Lava!

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