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Today a lot of music news which came to me from different nice people. First I had a crash on Alcoholic Faith Mission which I discovered courtesy of a music fan from Poznań. Than, also courtesy of a music fan (this time from Łódź), I fell in love with  

The Eclectic Moniker.On the blog you can read about The Eclectic Moniker. Their EP „A Part Of Something Bigger” was available for a free download from their bandcamp webside, but it’s not any more. However, you can still listen to it there. And say thank you to Agnieszka for such a great music discovery :)

“A Part of Something Bigger” contains 4 songs that takes you to the world of hot tropical beaches, drinks with cocktail umbrella and summer lazieness. In 4 songs musicians didn’t forget about a proper doze of stimulating sounds as well as a bit of thoughtfulness. 4 compositions in which guitars are playing so delightfully that you have to like them! A great ending of the EP is a song We’re Soldiers in a Silent War (Terminal)” . The beginning and vocals reminds me of When Saints Go Machine. And it means the song is great!

These are my thoughts and association when I listen to The Eclectic Moniker’s EP „A Part Of Something Bigger”.

Check out what Brandon Bogajewicz from The Burning Ear blog thinks of it – you can read his post about The Eclectic Moniker HERE.

I look forward to „something bigger” from The Eclectic Moniker!!! Follow their career, lately they supported Oh Land in Copenhagen. What comes next? We’ll see…


Bandcamp here you can listen to the EP
YouTube channel

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