Silver Falls // My Secret Machine
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

We’re going to the music of Denmark slightly dreamy, slightly nostalgic, slightly absent and swinging in the clouds.  

And this is thanks to sounds serves by Jakob F. Kristiansen. This Dane is the creator of two single projects – SILVER FALLS, and his latest baby” – MY SECRET MACHINE. 

Sit back, time for a little rest, peace and relaxation

According to an information on the Silver Falls’s MySpace profile Jakob Fjorside Kristiansen brought to life this one-man project in 2004, after playing in various rock and indie bands such as the Isles (which now operates under the name The Kissaway Trail and to which we certainly shall return later on this blog). Thus began his solo adventure with music.


Silver Falls has released EP “We All Have To Breathe” in2007 and according to informationpostedon theInternetprofiles, is now recording his debut album.

In the meantime we can enjoy our ears with the beautiful, nostalgic EP, which consists of 6 tracks. It’s calmly, without haste. Moving, allowing to detach from the problems and flew in a dream world of soaring music.

“The music has an embrasive and melodic semi-instrumental sound, a mix of electric, electronic and acoustic instruments. Collages of spoken-word audio archival samples. From time to time with apperances of guest vocalists. It’s all combined to forge something truly timeless”(source)

Two songs I like the most are with guest vocals from The Kissaway Trail vocalist – Søren B. Corneliussen.  Unusual, moody “The Second Scent”(or here), and slightly more vivid, stirring emotions “Ceramic Smile” (here too).
Dreamy anthem of heaven 
“1977” puts almost hypnotize. A “Walking (The Right Choice)” moves and take us to the fairytale world.

We All Have To Breathe” EP can be purchased through iTunes and you can also listen to some tracks on various internet Silver Falls’es profiles, such as MySpace (do not miss and Conversation in Room Cheap!” out there), or


Fabulous, but more electronic climate
s also enchanted Jakob F.  Kristiansen, so he decided to start another music project – My Secret Machine.

So far, My Secret Machine made two songs: “Everytime” and “My Fear”. They are both available to listen and free download of his Soundcloud profile

Delicate (coming from somewhere in the background) as if whispering vocals, poignant lyrics and a solid dose of well-mixed, unique sounds.

“Everytime” is primarily interesting soft vocals mixed with a strong, pulsating beat and fairytale keyboard sounds. “And everytime you get lost, I get lost with you” – sings My Secret Machine. You can lose yourself in this song.

“My Fear” reminds me slightly (really slightly) Akiri’s music. However, My Secret Machine offers a more subdued, “smooth” sound. He can be nice to fib to him, dance and smile to his songs. Climates of the 80’s and 90’s are back to favor in “My Fear”.

My Secret Machine and Silver Falls are for those of you  who like dreamy atmosphere with a touch of electro-energy. I encourage you all to “like” both projects at FB and interest in the work of another talented Dane. We look forward to the debut Silver Falls album and more from My Secret Machine! 


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