Kiss Me Scarlett
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

Kiss Me Scarlett
Kiss Me Scarlett

What would you say for a little music kiss? :) Not from „It’s good because it’s Danish” – but from a really nice band. The band which demand a kiss from a girl named Scarlett.

KISS ME SCARLETT is a trudly joyful group, sharing their positive energy with the world through music. Smile, smile, smile and dance!

Kiss Me Scarlett is a six-piece band. That’s how they describe themselfs on their FB profile:

Kiss Me Scarlett is the result of six people with a common ideology and passion for music. An ideology and passion which is based on spreading joy, love and sharing life with other people through musical escapism. The band members are against the materialism, cynicism and warfare which they believe characterize the world in recent times.”

No doubt that Steffen Sørensen, Rune Klausen, Leopold Parlour, David Sorth, Simon Sode and Jonas Budtz can share the passion to music. Their songs „infect” the love and joy very successfully.

Guitars straight from the 60s. Drums so vivid that it gives even more life into a cheerful rattling. Plus unobtrusive, but really characteristic vocal. All served in a pretty, natural way.

The band came into being in 2010 and it’s just getting started. Their first singel “It’s summertime” is available to buy on iTunes.

On MySpace or Facebook profile of Kiss Me Scarlett you can listen to 4 joyful compositions: “It’s summertime”, “I’m not hiding”, “Feel the love” and “Mad Man. The last one is available for a free download from Kiss Me Scarlett’s webside.

Here you can watch the video to „Mad Man”. And here – a clip to „ It’s summertime”. They are both very inventive and funny.

Without exaggeration, without trying too hard. Those sounds are simply nice to the ears. Kiss Me Scarlett took what’s the best from the past and added something from themselfs to it. That’s how they proved that light, smooth rock will never die.

It’s worth to be update and check out how their career will evolve. You can do it by going to Kiss Me Scarlett websides:

Official webside MySpace – here you can listen to 4 songs from Kiss Me Scarlett
Facebook – like them!

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