Kill Screen Music
(translation by Arletta Przynoga)

I discovered the band I want to tell you about today because of the “godfathers” of this blog – Turboweekend.

Kill Screen Music is another sensational good Danish group which supported Turboweekend during their Spring tour in Denmark.

But I think that soon Johan von Bogenberg Stahl, Torleik Mortensen and Anton Eger will be looking for a band to support their own tour.

Kill Screen Music - Us The Two-Headed Horse

Kill Screen Music debut album “Us the two-headed horse” contains 11 tracks. Unfortunately it’s unavailable to buy in Poland, but we can listen to 3 singles. Those of you, who lives in Denmark can buy it on iTunes for example.Parts of the album can be listened on Grooveshark.

Courtesy of the band Kill Screen Music I had a chance to listen to the whole album “Us the two-headed horse” and I must say Turboweekend picked up an amazing band to support! “Us the two-headed horse” rocks!

3 singles: “Traffic”, “The Sand Is Washing Us Away” and “Breathing” announce really good, rock album. With musical connotations (in my opinion) such as Editors, Kings Of Leon, but also with bass guitar coming straight from Audioslave.

Very strong bass line, massive drums, simple but not boring, catchy guitar melodies. And somewhere in Kill Screen Music‘s music there’s this unique “Danishness” which add a charm to the sounds served by this band. Gentelman from KSM use electronic effects as well, but in a very delicate way. The whole album presents just brilliant.

More impulsive, vivd first single “Traffic” (with interesting video clip directed by the vocalist Johan von Bogenberg Stahl) really got something and is very catchy. Bass line and the way Johan Stahl sings “we need gasoline” reminds me of “Gasoline” by Audioslave. “Traffic” is good lyrics and a solid vocal. Biut I think guitars rule in it. They vibrate and steal the attention of the listener. A piece of great rock!

“The Sand Is Washing Us Away” is a bit more calm and sober at the beginning, but very addictive. It build tension that explode at the end of the song in a very cool way.

“Breathing” is a true musical heaven with beautiful, deep vocals. From one hand misterious atmosphere, from the other – sexiness mixed with a piece of resignation. And those guitars…

It seems that, beside good sounds on the album, Kill Screen Music knows how to move the audience and play a super show. Here there’s a sample of what they can do live – a part of their concert on Pavilon Junior stage at Roskilde Festival 2010.

KSM’s song “Traffic” came to Poland lately. It’s aired on the Polish rock radio station – EskaROCKand it got to the main 20 of EskaROCK’s chart “Najlepsza Rockowa Dwudziestka – NRD”. Good luck and fingerd crossed for “Traffic”!

If good guitar sounds is what you look for in music, if you like when songs drill into your head and don’t want to leave for a long time – you have to listen to Kill Screen Music and follow their career.

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