Ginger Ninja
(translation by Arletta Przynoga) 

Energy, spontaneity, positive vibes – if this is what you’re looking for in music, you can’t miss Ginger Ninja.

Climatic bass, a doze of nice keys and guitars – all supported by vibrant drums. Huge positive sounds which got this specific “something”. It attracts and makes your legs dance by their own.

The band consists of four guys: Johan Luth, Carl Riestra, Henrik Hamilton and Rasmus Søby Andersen. They released only one album so far, but „Wicked Map” was quite a hit in their country.„Wicked Map” is 11 energetic compositions, based on guitar sounds mixed up with a solid doze of electronics. Is it electro-rock or is it power-pop? Well… they’re just names. It sounds good – that matters the most.

At the beginning „Sunshine” welcomes us. It’s probably the most „summertime” song on the album. Than it gets more and more interesting. My personal favorite is number 3 – „Red Lips”. Lyrics „I got red lips from kissing you, I got broken heart from loving you, I got broken mind from knowing you, I’m gonna make it right by killing you” stuck in my head for a long time. And it’s coming back again and again in most unexpected moments.You’re Wrong” or „Soliders” with bounce and dance parts are perfect to get the party started.One before last song on the „Wicked Map” is a song called „Get There Soon”. A great offer for those of you looking for positive kick in their asses :) All you need to to is listen to „I guess I’m running out of luck but I’m gonna get there soon” and… move forward!Ginger Ninja are perfect for sunny Spring or Summer days as well as for bad weather. It’s the music that smiles to you.

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