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  • ORANGE MONKS – Virtuality


    Orange Monks – Virtuality

    “It is a relatively wry pop/rock universe, Orange Monks are based in” (source: Facebook)

    “You set my soul on fire, but it’s…

  • WHITE FALL – No Less


    White Fall – “No Less”

    “All in all White Fall is a band characterized by a multiplicity of inputs and ideas, where every-thing from playing,…

  • YOUR LAUNDRY – Broken


    Your Laundry – “Broken”

    “Your Laundry is the sound of dirty underwear and sunny days – Unpretentious as your laundry! Turn up the volume, jump…

  • LYDMOR – Young


    Lydmor – “Young”

    You sit at home, want to spend a calm evening with some hot tea and bordom – and suddenly! Wow! LYDMOR.

    Electronic Florence…

  • NELSON CAN – Apple Pie


    Nelson Can – “Apple Pie”

    Female Danish trio, inde-rock sounds, contagious whistling. NELSON CAN. The apple pie in the video clip will make your mouth…

  • Asbjørn – The Criminal


    Asbjørn – “The Criminal”

    Aarhus – Danish city where Northside Festival takes place. A hometown of a musician who combine the originality of modern electronic…

  • Belle Ville – Opium


    Belle Ville – “Opium”

    Electro-pop is alive and is going great

    ! For example because of a duo Belle Ville. Their EP “Opium” has 4 songs….