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MANTUA – Mantua

Since they released the single “Feel The Wheels”, we were looking for more from the new Copehagen-based trio Mantua. And here is more: the EP “Mantua”, released on Read More


Experimental may have various connotations such as eccentric or basically – weird. But it doesn’t mean that it’s bad – on the contrary – it intrigues, it’s always unexpected, gives Read More

KIM – Low

If George Michael had a baby with the good old boyband Westlife and that baby would have Michael Bublé’s charm, OneRepublic’s flow, a little bit of joy from Read More

VIDA SOPHIA – Soundtrack

Nathalia Sophia Barat aka Vida Sophia is an exciting newcomer from the wealthy Danish underground. The promising Copenhagen-based star unveiled her debut EP “Soundtrack” on 13. May. It will sweep you Read More


Kenton Slash Demon did it AGAIN! Their double single “TT/Dok” shows great quality and edge, which all Kenton Slash Demon compositions always had. But the freshness is there too! The Read More