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LOWLY – Heba

Occasionally, there is a true music gem coming our way. A gem that is so hauntingly beautiful to us, that we almost feel like it was made just Read More

SEKUOIA – flac

It was a long wait, but it was worth it… On 16. September 2016 Danish producer Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen – aka Sekuoia – released his debut album “flac”. Read More

EXEC – The Limber Real

Listening to music is a very personal experience. A very private one. The debut album of EXEC (the solo moniker of Troels Abrahamsen, mostly known from VETO) reminded me about Read More


Everyone who knows Ida Gard knows that she is a woman with many faces. She can be loud, funny and rocking. She can be sensitive, softspoken and quiet. Read More