author-arletta 2015ARLETTA: The founder of this little blog, a lover of good music and Denmark (of course). When she heard “Trouble Is” by Turboweekend for the first time, she was sold. The passion made her create the blog called Good because Danish, to spread the word about great Danish music. Basically, she’s just a girl with passion.

Location: Warsaw, Poland.
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author-simoneSIMONE: Having always had great passion for whole Scandinavia and having travelled around Finland and Sweden a lot, she was sold to Denmark when she heard Turboweekend play on an unexpected gig in Stockholm in 2011. Ever since, she has been amazed by Danish culture, Danish “hygge” and not to forget by its fabulous music. Since then she goes back to Copenhagen whenever there is a chance.

Location: Munich, Germany.
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Authors_MarieMARIE: Marie first fell in love with Danish music thanks to Eurovision 2011 (remember A Friend In London’s “New Tomorrow?). These days, based between Denmark and Russia, she enjoys discovering new indie, rock and pop acts to listen to and working as a music photographer at concerts, festivals and with artists directly.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark / Moscow, Russia
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  KATHARINA: Discovering her passion for the world of music in her early childhood while spending hours listening to records of her parents and filling her little notebook with her own lyrics, her life today is unimaginable without it. Studying in Freiburg in Germany she discovered the incredible variety of Danish music when a friend took her to a concert of The Rumour Said Fire. Four years later she found herself still listening to “The Balcony” and living in Copenhagen, exploring the Danish music scene.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.
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author-pawel 2016PAWEL: Music enthusiast trapped in the analytical mind of a scientist. Couldn’t be nicer. Every free-time tries to join music and artistic vibes to his pragmatic daily life. Few years ago he was blown away after listening Rangleklods for the first time. Danish music posses some extreme features that light me up. He finds myself while discovering music gems, travelling and sharing positive energy with people.

Location: Poznan, Poland.
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MIRJAM: Running around trying to colour the world. Having studied cultural and urban discourses, worked for magazines and theatres, she’s always on the hunt for the next adventure. When she started working for a record label, she was introduced to many amazing Danish artists and from then on she was hooked – with especially Blaue Blume very close to her heart. Aside from writing, she enjoys concerts, vegan cooking and making some music herself.

Location: Hamburg, Germany.
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KAROLINA: Once upon a time, she fell in love with design, typography, then with Danish designers (especially chairs!) and finally ended up studying Scandinavian Studies and learning the Danish language. Karolina – also known as Shark – can’t live without „rødgrød med fløde”, ukulele (named Julian), a piece of white paper and black (only black) fine-tip flat pens. This mixture obviously goes with good Danish Music, bar(s) of chocolate and eternal curiosity for (literally) everything.

ANNE SOFIE: Despite the fact that she is just on the verge of finishing her education as a physiotherapist and has a passion for fitness, food and health, 23 y/o Anne Sofie also has a deep love for especially Danish hip hop and R’n’B music which is expressed through the series of posts known as “From Denmark with R’n’B Love”. As she is based in Copenhagen, she has a great opportunity to always have a finger on the pulse of the Danish R’n’B scene since this music is not very widespread (yet!). That’s what she is here to change.

AGNESPassionate about music, in her free time Ágnes works for a record label, organizes secret living room gigs, attends concerts and listens to a lot of Danish music. She discovered her love for the Danish music scene when she first heard Rangleklods’ “Beekeeper” album back in 2012. She would like to travel the world and meet as many interesting people as possible on her way.

ELVIRA: It took moving to Berlin for this Swede to pass by the Danish music landscape and to fully realize that all its goods were to be found close to heart. The Scandinavian music scene is outstanding and there are so much exciting things going on in the introverts studios and minds. We may not be that many, but we sure know how to make good music, and recognize it when we hear it. Now Elvira is back in Gothenburg, but constantly keeping ears and eyes open for danish sweets that may be going abroad.

NICK: As you can see, Nick has passionate feelings towards food. This is rivaled only by his love of good music, and a good photo of said music. He was studying in Aarhus on exchange, and really did not want to return to his Australian homeland. They don’t take their sausages as serious there. Oh, and the Danish music scene is buzzing with positivity, talent and good people.

VERO: One day, she was bored in her Swiss mountains, so she decided to learn a new language for fun and she randomly picked Danish (true story). It turned out to be a match made in heaven, especially in terms of culture, and, well, of course, music. Guided by her first and still strongest Danish musical love – “Moan”, the dub version by Trentemøller, she moved to Denmark a few years ago, and came hence even closer to the awesome Danish and Scandinavian music scenes.

JASMIN: A 20-something German Mädchen with a strong passion for anything art-related. She loves to travel and fell in love with Denmark while working at a Culture festival there – well, and the fact that this cute little country brings out a crazy amount of amazing musical talent is just another reason for her to love it.

ANIA: storyteller, traveler and wannabe chaos whisperer. Her love affair with Denmark began after finding out that all her boots are made for cycling in København. She lived there for some time with Efterklang’s soundtrack in the background. Enthusiastic yoga practicioner with a great passion for independent cinema, dancing and for scandinavian music of course!

MAGDA: She should become a manager of all talented musicians that the world should hear about. She has a very positive aura, a head full of great ideas and good solutions of promotion. Additionally she’s got a good ear and fantastic memory: she perfectly links samples with tracks and tracks with artists. If she could listen to music for the whole day she’d probably become a walking music encyclopedia.

KASIA: She listens to music habitually. She’d love to attend every concert, festival and – what’d be best – prepare a photo review from each of them. She loves rap and electronic but also eagerly listens to pop or indie-rock. Her room is filled with shelves and shelves with CDs and vinyls. She’s such a chatterbox, that she can even outtalk the artists while interviewing them.

LIZETHE: Mexican frenger and Denmark lover who went crazy for this little country after discovering Mew, to the point of moving there for two years. She loves listening to lots of music, attending festivals and concerts, cooking, travelling, drawing, meeting people with stories to tell.

FLO: 4 years ago, Flo´s interminable love and passion for Scandinavian Indie music started when he met the fabulous girls of Nordic by Nature in Berlin. Girlfriends disappeared, cities changed but all his favourite bands from good ole´ Northern Europe kept a steady companion during these times. Although he would describe himself as a dying breed when it comes to music (yeah, Indie is almost dead), we are happy to have a new Baby in the GbD-Team!