PREMIERE: Neonsolen – Tiden Er

There is a new wonderful Danish band which is releasing a single and lyric video and we are proud and happy to be the ones premiering it all for you today on Good because Danish – give a listen to Neonsolen‘s “Tiden Er” and feel the breath of fresh spring air on your face.

From the very first second, “Tiden Er” hits with a beat and guitar sound which stays with you for long after the song is over. You instantly start to beat out a rhythm with your leg under the desk, so be careful if you’re playing the song in the office!

Neonsolen says “Tiden Er” “(…) is about the fear of being ‘left behind’ in a demanding society. The doubt that fills the minds of many young people. How far are you willing to go and are you brave enough to be yourself in the end. Essentially a song about the soul.”

You can feel a certain rush in the song, insecurity and disturbance in the rhythm. But also a kind of joyful waiting. The fact Neonsolen’s song is sung in Danish give an additional spiciness. The language is really “flexible”, as you can hear and the clever lyric video underlines it in a very nice way.

“Tiden Er” is a song with a retro vibe and it makes me both nostalgic and happy to hear. It also forces me to really stop and think – what am I doing in life actually? But Neonsolen asks big questions without driving the listener into guilt. They just say in “Tiden Er” – “hey, dear person who’s listening to us right now – nobody lives forever, you know? So when was the last time you really thought of who you are and what you do?”.

Listen to “Tiden Er” and watch the lyric video now and if you’re in Copenhagen tonight – 25. April 2019 – catch Neonsolen’s concert at Huset-KBH!