Keep Camping has been quiet for a while, but once they made a comeback, they made it right. With “Up Up” the band shows that it still “has it”. We are as caught by the new song as we were by “Dance” in 2015.

Back then we wrote: 

“Why should you care to read it and listen to Keep Camping? First of all, the band has that something that makes your legs automatically move when you hear them play. Secondly, they are Scandinavian artists for real. Why? Because they mastered the art of putting melancholia into danceable music. Last but not least – you can hear and see that they simply love music. It’s not always so obvious with some artists. Here you don’t hear anything else than a true passion and love for music.”

Not much – or literally nothing – has changed in Keep Camping’s music since then. They still present a great level of production and catchy sounds, combining them with passion and devotion to what they do. 

“Up Up” is a perfectly balanced song – it has tension, it has the beat, it has the melody that sticks with you. There are softness and riot hidden in between the tunes and with the elegant electro-twist, the song creates a very strong vibe. You can almost feel like Keep Camping is this musical animal which is trying to hold back its instincts, but they come out here and there and show a very intense and vivid side, under the cover of the more calm exterior. 

The new song seems to keep something on a leash, something that subconsciously the listener would like to see (or rather hear) released. So it leaves us hungry for more after the last sounds quiet down… 

We hope to hear more from Keep Camping soon, keeping them on our radar for sure.