BISSE – Plexiglas

Over the past few years, Bisse has become well-known in Denmark for his witty lyrics and creative videos. The latest release “Plexiglas” is no exception – it sure does raise some eyebrows.

The video begins with Thorbjørn Radisch, who goes by the name Bisse, losing his long blond hair. Later, all his clothes suffer the same fate. We can see Bisse roaming through a desert and snow-covered mountains, as he remains naked and unbothered.

Ironically, the outside-the-box video also features Radisch locked inside a glass box, with some octopus-like creature on his shoulder, and metallic teeth. This scene is unsettling, to say the least: maybe it’s the look in his eyes or the bewildering smile, but it almost makes you want to look away.

The professional touch behind the video is astonishing – it was directed by Jesper Dalgaard, who only recently graduated from the Danish Film School but already won a prestigious award for one of his works.

As to Bisse, no new album announcements have been made yet. However, considering the fact that he released 7 in the past three years, we wouldn’t rule out a possibility of the 8th one.

Bisse is touring Denmark this spring, and he’s also on the line-up for SPOT Festival 2018. Dates and tickets are available here.

You can find the music video for “Plexiglas” on YouTube.