FROST FESTIVAL 2018: 04-26.02.2018 Copenhagen

The temperature has fallen again and it has heavily snowed through almost the entire day here in Copenhagen. It is about time to enjoy Scandinavian winter with peacefully snow-covered streets and Frost Festival! Definitely Good because Danish’ highlight during winter in Copenhagen.

Every February the festivals’ organizers transcend the boundaries of the concert experience by creating an optimum interplay between space, music, and lightning. We are thrilled and delighted by performances from Turbolens, Excelsior and Ellis May, First Hate, Luster and Blaue Blume. Check out the official Frost Festival website to check out the full list of events in 2018.

This year’s carefully selected alternative concert venues range from the Thorvaldsens Museum with its marble statues to the Idrætshuset a beautiful old sports center adding to the distinctive atmosphere. Enhanced by special light as a communicator between space and music every concert will be simply breathtaking. This year’s highlight is one of the main tourist attractions in Copenhagen, the Rundetaarn. The tower’s space will be developed into an astronomical observatory – a night where music is accompanied by sparkling and bright stars.

This year’s festival takes place from 4. to 26. February and if you are in Copenhagen it is something you do not want to miss.


04-25.02.2018 – Copenhagen: different locations – Events on Facebook