LYDMOR – Helium High (feat. Mathola)

Lydmor‘s music is constantly transforming, we can hear it already, even before her new album release (premiere in 2018). At the end of 2017 she has made to reach our expectations on a high peak with a great new release “Helium High” in collaboration with Mathola.

Helium High interview

The new single came out with a unique video clip, which inspired us on Good because Danish to interview Lydmor in “Helium High” style. As she has lyrics to her new song written all over her body in the video, we wrote our questions to Lydmor also on our Author’s body.

You can see the effect on our Instagram and on YouTube.

Helium High single

While we are waiting with patience for the full-length album from Lydmor, we stay satisfied with “Helium High” totally. The song is a kind of refined pop that gives us much of characteristic way of Lydmor’s singing. Her style is always making every song easy to digest and she is able to stay consistent with everything she drops. Although, here we can feel fresh breeze coming from her. Lydmor’s voice is somehow enhanced with mellowness and awareness. This becomes (just beside the lyrics) the most impressive point in the whole song.

The lyrical part reminds about women’s behaviors, femininity and sexuality. It warns women to display self-respect and to take control of yourself in the modern world where men have much more to say and often can take advantage of that. At last, the entire production is embraced both with contemporary processed-sounding and nostalgic touch at the same time. That makes this song unique and it was probably very hard to find the right balance. Not for Lydmor and Mathola. They did it perfectly.

We encourage you to listen to the track below and stay tuned for the release of the upcoming album soon!

If you’re at ESNS in the Netherlands this week, don’t miss Lydmor’s amazing concert, which is a part of Denmark Blooms ESNS, as Danes are the focus country on the festival this year.