VETO – I Am Here

VETO - I Am Here

One of the first bands we wrote about on Good because Danish was them. Since quite some time, we were waiting patiently for a new material and now the wait is over. VETO is back with new single, concert plans and great quality Danish music! The new release – “I Am Here” – confirms that the energy, atmosphere, “Danishness” and disturbance of their musical creation didn’t lose anything from its charm over the years.

A slightly disturbing vibe, the buzzing, vibrant guitars, vocals full of this special kind of sadness and strength, which only Troels Abrahamsen has in his voice – all that can be found in the new VETO song “I Am Here”. Listening to the single and hearing new stuff from this remarkable band feels to me like taking a deep breath after being under the water for too long. It feels also like finally finding the way to express the wave of feelings that have been passing on through me all this time but was indescribable.

VETO has a special gift of creating music that speaks to the listener on different levels. In the unsteady, crazy, messed up world with no guidanceย whatsoever, we all need this special musical way of expressing misery, fear, doubts and frustration. The musical layer of “I Am Here” does it for me. The piano notes feel like tears falling down on the face of the song. In this rough, mean, unfair, fast running times we also all need to mark our presence sometimes. To feel we are here for a reason, that we are part of a bigger thing. The lyrical layer of “I Am Here” expresses it for me.

All in all, the new VETO is new but didn’t lose anything from the uniqueness of the old VETO. “I Am Here” is a great example of how Danish music can be done on a high level, with the hint of Nordic/Scandinavian nostalgia.

Listen to “I Am Here” on Spotify and keep an eye (and ear) on VETO with us because there’s more coming from them this and next year.