In conversation with THE RADAR POST

The Radar Post - interview

One June afternoon I was on a vacation in Copenhagen and, naturally, I decided to utilize my time by doing what I do best – spreading the word about Danish music. Immediately my mind went to Esben Svane, a former drummer of my two favourite bands (A Friend in London and Ulige Numre), and now a remarkable solo artist. Also known as The Radar Post, he recently released a new song β€œPilots”, but of course I wasn’t going to just sit and wait for updates.

Following a quick Instagram conversation with Esben, my friend with the camera and I were on the way to meet him for a cup of coffee and an interview at his home studio. Despite it being such a spontaneous meeting, Esben was very friendly, relaxed and welcoming. He was happy to play us some new music, and we were happy to hear everything about his plans for the future and creative adventures.

Watch the interview below to see what we got up to, and be sure to keep an eye on The Radar Post.