NELSON CAN – Move Forward

Nelson Can - Move Forward
Last week, the powerful female rock trio Nelson Can released a new single and we can’t get it out of our heads since then! These girls really know how to play and show the great, edgy side of Danish music with style, charisma, and… female grace. You can hear it in “Move Forward” for sure.

Nelson Can keep on charming us on Good because Danish since the very first song of them we heard – “Apple Pie”. The girls went a long way since then, improving their sound and creating rock music without guitars (just drums and bass), which is powerful, sharp and somewhat arrogant/provocative vibe.

The new songs coming from the trio give a very good impression of their very characteristic sound. After “Miracle”, Nelson Can present another driven track – “Move Forward” – and invite us to move on and don’t look back. The message is underlined with a strong drum beat and deep, sexy bass line. On top of it, we have “the one and only sounding” vocals of the lead singer Selina Gin. You simply can’t say no to such mix.

Nelson Can found their own sound and keep on showing us new faces of it in every fresh single. It’s a delightful and adventurous journey they invite us to take with “Move Forward”. Don’t miss out on it and when you press play and go with them – don’t look back!

Listen to “Move Forward” on different online streaming channels and watch the video clip to the song on YouTube.