DK Psychedelia BANNER 650 x 68 pxTS
It would definitely be a mistake to not to write about a rising Danish band that show a truly interesting sound and creates music Universe like no other. Turquoise Sun mixes the very best of psychedelia with a dreamy pop.

Turquoise Sun could be defined as a “cheerful psychedelia”. If the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep on a sunny summer afternoon lying in the grass had a sound it would be something like the tiny discography of Turquoise Sun.

The band started in 2013 when the six members, who already played together in different formations, decided to create their very own band. Since then they create acid-leached songs with well composed electronic and energetic up-beat sounds. Being the mixture of psychedelic rock and dream pop, the band also infuses the 60’s and 70’s with a neo-psychedelic rock. Listening to them is a travel-like feeling between reality and dreaming and also between the classics of psychedelia and the present of the sonic experimentation. They might also blow us away and give an insight into the future of Danish psychedelia. Who knows?

If you have the chance to catch them at the coming SPOT Festival in Aarhus, they will play on the 5. May at 16:00 at Filuren, Musikhuset.

Otherwise, you can always listen to them on Spotify.

Guest Blogger: Zsuzsanna Weinszdelmüller