Dør Nr. 13 – Kollision

Dor Nr. 13

The new EP “Krigere uden Vaaben” is finally out and on this occasion, we‘d love to present one of the band’s new energetic singles called “Kollision”. Considering the fact that Dør Nr. 13 is going to perform during some festivals this year – Roskilde Festival or Smukfest – it‘s more than necessary to acquaint yourself with this song and get the lust for even more.

This Copenhagen-based band plays extremely bold and conscious music, which is valued and demanded by these, who enjoy and contemplate every single part of a song. The single “Kollision” is very simple in its structure, but the essence and idea behind it build the complex image of life. This manifesto juxtaposes two worlds where people live their lives so far away from each other, pulling down by their anxieties, fears and indecisiveness.

Dør Nr. 13 touches our deepest feelings, tears our idea of what is around us apart and confront us with life. The lyrics are really simple but contain the essential – comprise a whole life. Make a move and try it out! Don‘t even hesitate to listen to this totally and overwhelmingly good piece of music.

Stream Kollision from Dør Nr. 13 on SoundCloud.