SPRING IS HERE: GbD playlist

blog photo spring

Spring has arrived! You can feel it in the air, you can also feel it in the music – Danish as well! Following the spring spirit, we combined a little spring playlist for your listening pleasure.

The songs from Danish artists like Molina, Alex Vargas or Nelson Can give a dose of positive energy and make your feet move, while compositions from In Memoirs, Penny Police or First Hate bring some of the lazy slow mood into the mix.

Since spring is the time to look into the future, we searched for the new songs coming from Denmark – we hope to hear more soon from The Attic Sleepers and NovemberDecember (both bands will release new albums this spring) and we already enjoy the fresh releases from Noréll and CHINAH.

Check out Good because Danish’ “Spring is here!” playlist on Spotify and follow the blog for fresh, spring news from Danish music scene!