Happy birthday to us! 6 years of Good because Danish

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Happy birthday… to us! Good because Danish turns 6 today! The last 6 years were filled with great memories and a lot of good (because Danish) music and we can’t wait what the upcoming years will bring!

We are now a group of exactly 6 people, running the blog for you and each of us would like to share some personal wishes/thoughts/message with all of you, wonderful Readers of Good because Danish :)

And we wouldn’t be ourselves, if we won’t celebrate this special occasion with… Danish music! Each of the GbD TEAM members chose her/his all-time favorite DK songs and we ended up with a quite large and diverse playlist, which you can listen to on Spotify.

Thank you for following Good because Danish in our – so far – 6-years long journey. More is to come! :)

A little something from GbD Team members…

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Karolina blog pic and text final 1
Pawel blog pic and text final 1
Agnes blog pic and text final
Anne Sofie blog pic and text final 2
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