TOM AND HIS COMPUTER – Playing in the Night

TOM And His Computer - Playing in the Night EP

When winter strikes, with darkness, snow, grey days and long evenings, you have two options – either look for things to cheer you up, joyful and comforting activities and music OR play along with this time of the year and explore your darker and mysterious side. I choose the second option and if you do as well, TOM And His Computer‘s newest EP “Playing in the Night” will be a perfect soundtrack to it.

T.O.M. – known as a part of Lulu Rouge – started to present his solo music as TOM And His Computer and the outcome of it is honey to the ears of those in love with dark, heavy, mysterious electronic sounds. The new EP “Playing in the Night” is one more example of how Scandinavian artists have a true understanding of melancholy and darkness. In the newest tracks, TOM and His Computer presents how he from one hand – lets darkness drive him and rule over him, and from the other hand – conquers it, makes it be his servant.

To me, listening to “Playing in the Night” EP is like entering an abandoned house of the darkest spot of my soul. With TOM as my musical guide. He opens the squeaky front door with “Uhhish” and then – without any warning – starts running. I feel as if I lost him in the big, dark belly of the house while hearing “Eighty Four”, “Playing in the Night” and “Hanoi Golden Rice Hotel”. When it’s time to leave the house, “Colormind” walks me back to the door, giving a slight ray of hope that this dark side of me that I just explored is here for a reason – to underline the bright sides.

So is “Playing in the Night” EP. By the darkness, heaviness and strange atmosphere it is somehow hopeful, it brings peace of mind to the listener.

TOM and His Computer will be on tour with Trentemøller the next 3 months and I can definitely see this combination of artists making sense. With this new EP TOM And His Computer places himself perfectly in between Trente and The Raveonettes. All together those 3 acts create a great combination of heaviness, noise, melancholy, insecurity and – greatness.