PRUNES – I’ve got to try

synth pop

Sometimes it seems to be extremely difficult to pick one song or musician to write about, while the new ones are bombarding from each side every single day. This time we would like to present you a brand new band with an affectionate namePrunes.

Nichlas Kure, Mike Wind, Peter Sabro, Daniel Scheffmann and Simon Forchhammer got down to work and few days ago released their first single called “I’ve got to try”. They tried – and they did it. Literally. We’re sure that you’ll get along with our opinion immediately. Prunes’ sound is really delicious, so don’t hesitate, you have our permission to overindulge!

The band describes their music as synth pop. Moreover, the influence of 70’s and 80’s is also noticeable, which let the listeners float around sweet nostalgia, dreams and oblivion. Although at some point it may be even Tame Impala that comes to our minds, one thing is certain – Prunes is our new Danish favorite.

Bon appetite, beautiful folks!