BLOMQVIST – Dyne af Sne


Are you trying to keep the Christms spirit alive after Christmas time is over? Here’s is our help in that regard, if you’re still running out of new ideas about what to listen to.

It may seem a bit startling at the beginning, but yes – Blomqvist‘s or David Vejen Blomqvist’s second single from the upcoming album should be and it’s actually perceived as a one-of-a-kind Christmas song. If you still don’t believe it – watch the spinning music video, which features (it’s rather an episodic presence) an figure skating Santa Claus. How lovely, isn’t it? Are you already back in Christmas mood? Because we are! We are also completely and totally in love with this single, especially with the leading guitar’s smooth and lo-fi’sh waves, but also with the fetching bass that shows vividly through other instrumental sequences.

It’s intriguing and full of sweet shyness, however and most of all – it reminds us about Christmas. To all of you, who already can’t wait for the next year’s Christmas – don’t forget to add Blomqvist‘s new song to your playlists!