SPACEY KEVIN – The New Fever


We try not to overlook any music genre as to satisfy every, even this the most sophisticated need for a good piece of music. Recently a new single by Spacey Kevin came out of the blue and that’s how we’ve been given a lo-fi release, which has swept all other hi-fi’es of their feet.

Let us introduce a Copenhagen-based duo Spacey Kevin. This relatively young band, thatconsists of Michael Bjerre and Esben Hansen, engulfs completely anyone, who’ll dare to play the newest and first single entitled “The New Fever”.

Although a lo-fi and introvert music about loneliness and lost souls is not something new, Spacey Kevin are definitely breaking new, ‘feverish’ ground. The song floats lightly from the very beginning until its end. There’s something mysteriously appealing about every sound, word and beat, which pull listeners deep down to a pleasant state of mind.

Accompanied by a low quality music video, recorded by the duo while their stay in Polish city Cracow, the single gets even more underground and organic character. You just cannot leave it out!

Check out the single and the video on YouTube.