SEKUOIA – flac


It was a long wait, but it was worth it…

On 16. September 2016 Danish producer Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen – aka Sekuoia – released his debut album “flac”.

The first song from the album “Someone’s Problem” already made us curious about the new material. Now we have the full access to Sekuoia’s world of music: a very experimenting world, where we meet different genders, tempo and atmosphere.

My favorite tracks of the album are “Brace” and “Lamp in the Dark”, where Sekuoia features other Danish talents. Two songs which have already a fixed place on my top songs of 2016 list.

In “Brace” we can hear Kentaur’s Marc Roland – his voice and Sekuoia’s music are a real match made in heaven. I guess it was not only me, who had an instant crush on this song after listening to it for the first time (check out the video btw!).

“Sekuoia and Kill J together?! OMG, that better be good!” – that was my first thought and I was not wrong. “Lamp in the Dark” is a very sensual and strong track at the same time and Kill J’s extraordinary voice together with the catchy tunes of Sekuoia transform the song to a real ear worm.

The collaborations on Sekuoia’s album are as great as his own compositions and we definitely see (or hear) this album coming back to our speakers frequently during this autumn.

Why? Because “flac” is already one of the top Danish albums of 2016 for us. If you’ll have a chance to check it out live – don’t miss it, while current Sekuoia’s tour!

Check out “flac” on Spotify.