FOREWORD – Slow Clapping in a Freezing Room

Image by: Emma Romby

Image by: Emma Romby

This 17 years old Danish music producer will easily make an enormous impression on you, guys. We literally fell for his songs and love them to the tiniest bits. Dear listeners, time inches delightfully when you listen to FOREWORD’s number “Slow Clapping in a Freezing Room”, just grab it, and feel it with us.

Alexander Iversen started his project as Foreword in 2014 and since then he has been pulling out all the stops and gone above and beyond. “Slow Clapping in a Freezing Rooms” seems to be a perfect song for those who are already downhearted due to upcoming windy and rainy weather. As long as you have backlog of music news, this one will satisfy you and sweep the other ones away.

It’s experimental, but also, to some extent, acoustic number. In the background there’s a constant clapping that makes us think of someone running away. This feeling is a little bit disturbing, however, it pulls us into completely different universe.

The song unquestionably reveals Alexander Iversen’s huge potential. Despite his young age, Foreword is completely mature and aware of sounds. It’s just the beginning and we hope, that it’ll be even better.

Check out “Slow Clapping in a Freezing Room” and also other productions of Foreword on SoundCloud.