LOWLY – Deer Eyes

Lowly - Deer Eyes

It will be incredibly challenging to wait impatiently until the Danish quintet, Lowly , releases its debut album at the begining of 2017. Their very first song “Daydreamers” from 2014 and the EP “Sink Way Into Me” from 2015, unquestionably met our expectations. In the meantime, we’re honoured with a brand new single entitled “Deer Eyes”.

Lowly is a group of five young musicians from Aarhus: Nanna Schannong, Kasper Staub, Thomas Lund, Soffie Viemose and Steffen Lundtoft. These, literally flung out of space, musicians have a rare and delightful ability to atract and catch listeners who long for new musical, energizing experiences.

The newest single, first from Lowly‘s upcoming album, synthesizes both calming electronic sounds and splashing all around percussion. The whole song creates a floating but stable and flawless piece of music which, just like a cosy blanket, touches and transmits pleasant chemical signals to the listener’s every single receptor.

Don’t hesitate, just click play button below and let Lowly’s music flow through your dear ears.

Stream “Deer Eyes” on SoundCloud and Spotify.