summer catch-up 2016 - bannerWangel - Freedom

Summer is a magical time – a time when one finally has more time to sit down and listen through all the amazing releases of the past months. In our SUMMER CATCH-UP series we will look back and share some posts about releases that we really wanted to write about earlier, but… life got in the way :) Now it’s summer, holiday time and we can finally get to do it right!

Wangel – “Freedom”

Wangel charmed the audience with his deep vocals and soft melodies ever since the very first single “Sun”. In May 2016 he released the debut album “Freedom” which confirmed that this artist has the potential and base to build a really interesting musical picture with his songs.

If you like blissful melodies, classic piano sounds combined with pop music and if you’re a fan of albums that create a whole – “Freedom” is for you!

From the strong opener song that gives the album its title, to the very last, melancholic track “Another World”, Wangel presents a palette of musical colors that both his vocals and his music can paint. You can find more joyful pictures on “Freedom” such as “You Got To Say It Loud”, you can slowly drift away with soothing “Lithiumor “Spinning Head”, share a tear while listening to “Sorrowdrift” and feel tension and disturbing, yet hypnotizing emotions locked in “On Doing Wrong”.

“Freedom” is a complete album. Wangel took the puzzles and put them together in a vivid, tasteful final picture. He presents pop music with style, classy but not too bombastic. Music that is humble, but not underestimating itself. The quality of the songs, the sharpness of the production, the greatness of the vocals – “Freedom” shows it all in every single song out of the 11 ones that made it onto the album.

However, the biggest advantage of this record is its softness and soothing properties. Time flies without you realizing it, when this album is playing. And that’s the magic of good music – it makes you forget about troubles.

It’s an adventure to experience how Wangel uses basics of the pop genre to create an original musical universe. Find out yourself by streaming “Freedom” on Spotify.