WhoMadeWho - Hi & Low

We love WhoMadeWho! With such a beginning, you can tell that we also love their new single “Hi & Low”. Well… yes, we do!

In this crazy, overactive world, where every day hell! every hour a new music star is born or dies again, these three guys – WhoMadeWho – stand still and deliver. Deliver music that seems to be predictable on the surface. That seems to sound safe, stable. But! It. is. just. a. trick! I think so at least. I think that WhoMadeWho use familiar sounds and the forms of electronic music that we connect with them to play with the listener. They tease us, fool around with us, manipulate us a bit with the sound… all that to make us suddenly fall in love with every new song they make. Unexpectedly.

How did it happen? When did it happen? I turned on “Hi & Low” for the first time and figured “good old WhoMadeWho”. The solid electronic background, the characteristic vocals – it seems like there’s nothing surprising, but a good composition. I ask again: how did it happen then, that I suddenly realized it’s 3 hours later and I’m still listening to “Hi & Low” on repeat? Magic!

And good magician never shares his secrets with the audience. WhoMadeWho don’t share theirs either. Maybe that’s where the magic hides – in mystery.

Check out what kind of mystery waits for you in “Hi & Low”, listen to the song on SoundCloud and YouTube.