SEKUOIA – Lamp In The Dark (feat. KILL J)

Sekuoia - Lamp in the Dark feat. Kill J

What is better than a new song from one of your favorite Danish acts? I tell you: a new song made by 2 of your favorites. “Lamp In The Dark” is the result of the collaboration between Sekuoia and Kill J, released end of May.

It is actually not the first time these two musicians work together. Last year Tomas Barfod invited them to work with him on his single “Glass Slipper” (attention: if you missed it, now it is the time to check it out as well).

Why are these two a perfect match when it comes to making music together? Kill J’s unique voice and Sekuoia’s organic melancholy blend perfectly together in this four minute long track. Fans of both can be satisfied with the result and hope that this won’t be the last time we hear them together.

The song will be part of Sekuoia’s debut album “flac” coming up later this year.

You can listen to “Lamp In The Dark” on SoundCloud and Spotify.