IRAH – Mirroring (Live at Sauna)

Lucky us, the rising Danish band IRAH just dropped an epic live session of their latest single “Mirroring”, which was released on 22 April via record label TAMBOURHINOCEROS!

IRAH is a Copenhagen-based trio, consisting of Stine Grøn holding mesmerizing vocals and two talented musicians: Adi Zukanovic (synths) and Oliver Laumann (drums).

“Mirroring” is a soulful track which attracts you from the beginning. Even if this gem seems to be a slowly growing ballad for nighty treasures, it keeps you awake all the time. Little by little pushing you deeper into their intimate space as well. Its traditional, yet powerful sound induces a haunting, captivating mood. Both instruments and Stine Grøn’s vocals work in harmony to create a dreamy vibe. Her silky voice evokes all the best artists from the Icelandic and Faroese music scenes, like Eivør Pálsdóttir as well as legendary Björk. What makes this song so great is the fact that you fall down into a completely unknown world and want to stay in it as long as possible, at least until the end of the song.

We’re enthusiasts of great music arrangements and obviously great lyrics too. I couldn’t imagine a better statement than their own, as IRAH rightly says: “The lyrics is about self reflection, especially the idea that the things you choose to believe about yourself somehow will manifest in your consciousness, and become your reality. Which makes you the creator of your own life.”

Now, you can watch their live session on YouTube and look for the song on SoundCloud, iTunes and Spotify as well. Also, be prepared for their upcoming full-length material later this year.