Introducing EXEC // ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2016

EXECRoskilde Festival 2016 is in full swing and already offered a few chances to catch great local and international artists. Among our absolute must-see Danish acts at this year’s Roskilde Festival is Troels Abrahamsen’s extraordinary solo project EXEC.

EXEC wraps melancholy and fragility into wonderful, bittersweet piano sounds, turning the noble instrument into the center of his own compositions. The live shows we’ve witnessed so far were absolutely outstanding, so we cannot wait what there is in store for EXEC’S concert at Roskilde Festival: Saturday, 02. July – 12:30 – Gloria.

In order to introduce the project, Good because Danish asked Troels Abrahamsen a few questions about the music he is making as EXEC and his favourite memory of Roskilde Festival.

How would you describe EXEC’s music to someone who has never heard it before?

The sound of someone trying to figure out what the hell is going on, only to find two new questions for every answer.

Do you have anything special planned for the Roskilde show?

No, not really. I have some ideas for enhancing the concert, but it will be just me and the piano at the core of it.

Are you a Roskilde-virgin or Roskilde-veteran?

I’ve been to the festival both as a guest and a performer since 1999. I haven’t slept in a tent for around ten years, though.

What’s your favourite Roskilde Festival memory?

Playing the Arena stage with my bandmates in VETO in 2008.

How would you call your (imaginary) Roskilde camp?

Camp Brexit. All campers would have to subject their schedule to a referendum between the two shittiest bands on the bill the current day.