Silvester - Oceans

In the end of April Silvester released their second single “Oceans“. For those of you who haven’t bumped into this constellation of impressionably cool people, I encourage you to introduce yourselves properly. Because you just can’t get enough of this breezy, trippy yet down-beat rnb/rockish sound. Ahhh, I shouldn’t even try to define the genre ’cause all I want is just to float along the sound waves and sip on a summery beverage by the ocean, perfectly well-timed now when the summer’s approaching and all.

There isn’t that much from Silvester to be found online so far, but we’re eager to follow them wherever their sound may lead them. I’m also a big fan of their visual content, and one plus one makes a hundred in this equation. I guess all I need to say is that I’m super excited to hear more from this, so far, very intriguing band.

And just one more thing:

Silvester, will you spend the summer with me?

Listen to “Oceans” on SoundCloud and find it on YouTube.